When I began my search for a vocal coach I didn't know I would meet Gina, a mentor and now friend who became an integral part of my life. I first came to Gina with a passion for singing, but had no confidence, experience, or knowledge to reach my full potential. Working with her gave me all these things, and much more.
     She has trained with the best New York City has to offer, specializes in Seth Riggs technique, and has produced many vocal showcases. Her honesty will push you to become the singer you always wished to be, and give you the tools to become one. Gina Joyce is the best in the biz, I'm privileged to have trained with her.  

Anthony Vacanti 

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"My students are always improving"

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~~Gina Joyce is a vocal coach who teaches vowels and mouth positions, diaphragmatic breathing, direction of sound and how to overcome the break in the voice, as well as microphone presentation. Serving the Las Vegas, NV, metro area, Gina Joyce specializes in Seth Riggs Training. Gina Joyce Vocal Coach assists singers with Breath control• Phrasing• Performance• Technique. Gina Joyce Vocal coach helps children, teens and adults sing with the ease of a professional. She also puts on shows at least once a month that are of no extra cost to the student. They are under no obligation to be in the shows, but it does give them a chance to perform in front of an audience. Gina Joyce Vocal Coach’s fee is $30 an hour for both children and adults. There is also an initial evaluation, which is only $20, in order to see students ahead of time - instead of spending the first lesson finding out what needs to be addressed first.If you love to sing, come and live your dream. Call Gina Joyce Vocal Coach today to schedule a tour or to make an appointment.

  • How to eliminate stage-fright!
  • How to Sing ANY STYLE of singing, perfectly!
  • To control Tone, Pitch and Clarity- Awesome!
  •  How to sing with Incredible range without strain!
  • How to sing for hours without getting tired!
  • How to maintain your new incredibly healthy voice!
  • one on one or in a group setting making friends and contacts